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On the home page we gave an overview of Xenical orlistat tablets: the pros and cons, how treatment should be used and other essential information you need to know in case you choose to buy this medication. Remember Xenical is only available on prescription, and for that reason you should obtain a written prescription for treatment via your doctor, or visit an online clinic and complete a consultation. Although Xenical is proven to help people lose weight better than any other medication available, there are still potential side effects that may occur when using the treatment. On this page we highlight the reported Xenical side effects from previous clinical trials. Read on to find out more.


What are the common Xenical side effects?

During clinical studies, the most commonly reported side effects occurred within the digestive system. This is not unexpected, considering how orlistat tablets work. This type of Xenical side effects included:

  • Oily spotting in up to 26.6 percent of people
  • Abdominal pain or discomfort in up to 25.5 percent
  • Gas with a small amount of oil or stool in up to 23.9 percent
  • Fecal urgency in up to 22.1 percent
  • Fatty or oily stool in up to 20 percent
  • Oily evacuation in up to 11.9 percent
  • Increased frequency of bowel movements in up to 10.8 percent
  • Nausea in up to 8.1 percent
  • Uncontrolled, spontaneous bowel movements in up to 7.7 percent


What can be done to reduce these Xenical side effects?

Fortunately any problems that arise in the digestive tract can be avoided or reduced by decreasing the amount of fat in your diet. This treatment works by decreasing the absorption of fat, and as more fat stays in the digestive tract, it can lead to many of the embarrassing side effects mentioned above. The likelihood of these side effects happening is high if you eat too much fat. As you continue the treatment, your body will adjust to the drug and you will also learn how different foods and different amounts of fat affect you.


How quickly do these Xenical side effects happen?

Not all side effects come on straight away; it may take days to notice any adverse reaction to the drug. When used over the long term, studies show that Xenical side effects occurred less often.

Other side effects that were reported during clinical trials (occurring in 4 to 40 percent of people) included:

  • The flu
  • A respiratory tract infection (such as the common cold)
  • Headaches
  • Back pain
  • Fatigue
  • Menstrual irregularity
  • Anxiety
  • Ear infection


Will I experience more serious Xenical side effects?

In certain patients more serious side effects may occur. If any of the following health problems occur when using treatment you should report them immediately to your healthcare provider.

Indications of liver damage:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Unusual itching
  • Yellow skin
  • Dark urine or light-colored stool
  • Upper-right abdominal pain


How can I find out more about Xenical?

Please bear in mind Xenical side effects do not occur for all users. This information is here to help you learn more about the medication before you choose to order online. If you decide to wish to order a course of orlistat tablets, you should have exhausted all other methods of weight loss, including diet and exercise.

We can recommend a website that provides a free of charge, confidential online consultation, which you must take when you place your order. For your discretion, all information you provide will not be shared with any third parties. Click the Button below to take a free consultation for Xenical 120mg tablets today.

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