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buy xenicalOrlistat is a prescription weight loss medication. It is approved to help people lose weight and to prevent weight regain in people who have previously lost weight. This treatment comes in tablet form and is known as a fat-blocker, which means it works within the digestive system absorbing up to 30% of fats consumed through foods. Its active ingredient is orlistat, a medicine also used at a lower strength in over-the-counter weight loss treatment alli. This page contains valuable information about Orlistat 120mg tablets: how they work, who can use them, how they are taken, potential side effects, and how to buy treatment online. Read on to find out more.


Who can use Orlistat?

A prescription for this medication will be issued by a doctor only if you have a high body mass index and have failed to achieve weight loss through diet and exercise alone. The benchmark for body mass index can vary, with treatment usually being administered if its above 30. People with a BMI of 27 and above can also use this treatment, but on the condition that the accumulation of fat in their body is posing a huge risk to their health.


How do I use Orlistat orlistat?

Orlistat is an oral medication that can be taken up to 3 times per day. Swallow one tablet whole with a meal that has fat content. Orlistat 120mg tablets absorb one third of fat from each meal consumed. If you eat a meal that contains no fat content don’t worry about taking a tablet. Instead, wait until your next meal. Orlistat 120mg tablets allow you to continue eating a varied diet, including fat, although you should make an attempt to lower your calorie count as not to undo the effects of the drug.


When should I use orlistat 120mg?

Orlistat will not work overnight so it makes no difference whether you start your treatment tomorrow or next week. However, if you are serious about achieving your long term weight loss goals you should consider starting this treatment as soon as possible and stick to the recommended dosage.

To best avoid potential side effects from this treatment, always take the recommended dosage each day and read the patient leaflet carefully. If you have any questions regarding the use of this treatment consult your doctor or contact an online pharmacy.


How long will it take to witness the effects?

Orlistat tablets need at least two to three months to have any effect on your physical appearance. This is considered a fair amount of time as your body needs to adjust to the active ingredient orlistat.

Don’t be fooled by miracle weight loss drugs that promise results fast. Although these claims may be true to some extent, your body shape will revert back to how it was before you started treatment. This consistent pattern of putting on and losing weight within a short space of time is bad for your general health and does little for your self-esteem.


Are there any side effects?

Orlistat may produce low level side effects in a small proportion of users. This is often the case for prescription medications and the side effects usually subside after a short space of time. Orlistat 120mg tablets have been known to cause changes in users’ bowel habits. This side effect occurs due to the amount of undigested fat passing through your system. These changes, which usually happen within the first few weeks of treatment, may be accompanied by gas and an oily discharge.


Can I buy Orlistat 120mg online?

You can order Orlistat tablets securely from many online clinics and pharmacies. Your doctor can also write you a prescription for this medication, although for many seriously overweight people ordering online is a more convenient and discreet most way of obtaining the drug. When ordering Orlistat online you will be asked to fill out an online consultation, which entails answering questions about your medical background. Once the consultation has been checked by an online doctor you will be notified of whether you are suitable to use the treatment.

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