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Orlistat vs Others

Orlistat is the active ingredient used in Orlistat and Others, two oral weight loss medications marketed specifically for helping people to achieve their weight loss goals. There are major differences between the two medications, even though they essentially serve the same purpose. On this page you can compare the benefits and drawbacks of Orlistat or Other to help you best decide which one is the right choice for you. Read about each medication’s effectiveness, who can take them and which dosage to use within the information below.


Orlistat vs Other: overview

Both Other and Orlistat are fat blockers; they work by stopping a substantial amount of fat consumed via foods from being absorbed by your body. The medications ensure the fat passes through the body by way of the digestive system, and both programs require eating a low-calorie diet and maintaining a healthy exercise regiment in order to witness positive results. Orlistat is administered at 120mg which offers a much higher potency than the Other tablet. Orlistat, because of its stronger dosage, is available on prescription only. Other can be purchased over the counter.


Orlistat vs Other: usage

The recommended dosage of both medications is one tablet three times per day. You should take Orlistat at meal times, unless your meal contains no fat content in which instance you should wait until your next meal. The same goes for Other, although the dosage times are slightly more flexible; you can take a single tablet up to an hour before or after your meal. When you buy Orlistat or Other, you are advised to follow a reduced calorie, lower-fat diet and embrace more physical activity.


Orlistat vs Other: effectiveness

Results depend upon how effectively you change your overall lifestyle, although a noticeable transformation in your appearance can be noticed after just week of treatment. Orlistat is known to offer results within 2-3 months as it is twice as potent as its over-the-counter equivalent. Positive results from Other may take longer, although if you do not witness the effects you desire after six months you should stop using this medication.


Orlistat vs Other: side effects

Side effects should also be taken into consideration when using medications, prescription or otherwise. Since the fat is absorbed from food, it must be transported out of the body through the bowels, a process that invites adverse effects that are not limited but include: indigestion, diarrhea, irregular bowel movements, and other digestive problems if too much food is eaten at a time. These two medications, while absorbing fat content, may also absorb some necessary fat soluble vitamins from each meal. To replace lost nutrients you should take a multivitamin along with the weight loss aid.


Orlistat vs Other: conclusion

Orlistat is the more proven of the 2 medications; it has undergone many clinical trials to ensure its safety and effectiveness for users. Other drugs are more readily available as you do not require a prescription to obtain a course of tablets, although it can not offer the desired effects within the same duration as Orlistat. Bear in mind that choosing a healthy lifestyle often involves more than a quick fix using a weight loss pill. These medications may not be suitable for everyone and you should think practically rather than optimistically when looking for a long-term solution to overcome weight problems.


Where can I buy weight loss medications online?

Orlistat can be obtained via a face-to-face consultation with your doctor. A course or 120mg orlistat tablets can also be ordered online once a consultation with an online doctor has been completed. Click the Buy Now link below if you would like to place an order today for genuine branded orlistat tablets and you will be directed swiftly to a reputable online clinic.

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