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Orlistat is a weight loss medication available on prescription only. It can be used by people who are seriously overweight and have exhausted all other methods of weight loss including diet and exercise. To buy Orlistat you must have a body mass index of 30 or above. You may also be prescribed the drug if you are at risk of serious weight-related health problems due to the accumulation of fat in your body. Generally speaking, this medication is suitable for most men and women to use over the long-term and has produced positive results for patients during clinical trials. However, because the active ingredient orlistat acts within your digestive system you may experience some non-harmful side effects within your digestive tract. You can read more about the benefits and how to buy Orlistat online below.

When should I start using treatment?

You should consider all available options before you choose to buy Orlistat online or request a prescription for treatment from your doctor. The old fashioned solution to weight loss, plenty of exercise and a well-balanced diet, is still the best recommended treatment and must be attempted before this medication can be prescribed. If you have not been able to reach your ideal weight with such methods you should then switch to prescription medication. You can start treatment straight away and expect results within two to three months.

How do I buy Orlistat online?

You can obtain a course of Orlistat pills from your doctor after having a face-to-face consultation. Weight loss is a sensitive subject and many people prefer not to seek help because they are embarrassed about talking to their doctor. The more discreet alternative is to buy Orlistat online from an online clinic. You will be asked to complete an online consultation so that a doctor can assess your medical background. If the consultation is approved your medication will be dispatched in unmarked packaging from the partner pharmacy.

Is it safe to buy Orlistat online?

Remember you can not buy Orlistat online without a prescription or if your online consultation is left incomplete. If you come across a website that offers the medication without a prescription the chances are they are selling fake medication, which may cause dangerous side effects. It may also be the case the medication offered on the website has no effect on your condition whatsoever, portraying Orlistat as nothing more than a placebo treatment. The safe way to buy Orlistat online is to contact the online clinic directly and ask their patient support team questions about the medication and order service. If they provide substantial accurate information you will know they are a genuine online clinic who you can trust.

What is an online consultation?

An online consultation is put in place to make sure each patient is suitable for their chosen medication. Regardless of whether your prescription medication is for weight loss, hair loss or a problem of sexual nature, a doctor must review your medical details via this online form so that they can be sure it is safe for you to use. An online consultation is usually free of charge and takes only a few minutes to complete. All the information you provide is kept securely in the online clinic’s database and shared with no one other than you, their doctor and their pharmacist.

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