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Obesity replaces smoking as the new evil

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While anti-smoking crusaders are trying hard to reduce the number of smokers each year, another group of people have found new additions – obese people. Although anti-smoking campaigners have contributed their bit to help the oldest superpower country U.S. to lessen the number of smokers in the country, a strange trend has been observed in the obesity group- for every person who quit smoking in 2011 in U.S., another person became overweight.

The latest report card on Americans’ health shows that America, clearly, has an issue with food. The American food and fitness advocates surely have an opportunity here to emulate the country’s anti-smoking efforts, which has significantly influenced in the country’s sharp drop in smokers’ count in the last fifty years. The report measured state-by-state and nationwide health based on 23 factors; included smoking, binge drinking, diabetes, high school graduation, immunization and obesity rates. The nation’s smoking rates have declined gradually for roughly the past half a century, from 42 percent in 1964 to a stunning 19 percent in 2010. Sadly, the health gains brought by declining smoking rates have been offset by obesity. Obesity is tipped to be the new smoking in the public imagination.

The anti-smoking efforts and anti-obesity efforts will vary in nature and influence since food has been more historically innate in humans than smoking ever was. The fact that America has come so far in kicking the smoking habit over the past 50 years gives hope to anti-obesity effort and anti-obesity crusaders across the country. You can Buy Xenical UK to control obesity problem.

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